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I am struggling with layering sliced images. For example, I will press the first layer and when I go to press the second layer, they don’t quite match up (there is a tiny amount of  shirt peeking through). 

What can I do to prevent the tiny gaps between the HTV and the shirt? 

(I have a Cricut Air 2) 

Thanks ahead of time! 

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Hi @Britainie Ault ! One trick I use is to only heat up each layer just enough to get it to stick to the fabric, then apply your next layer. Continue doing this until all your layers are applied, then cover the entire thing with a Teflon sheet or cloth and press it fully.  Each time you heat HTV it shrinks a tiny amount, so by only applying enough heat to lightly adhere each layer, you are preserving the HTV as much as possible so that when you do the final, full press, everything shrinks evenly :) 



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