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  1. msmiller59

    Recipe Tea Towel

    BBeaver59, no real instructions. I have a Cricut Maker. I take a picture of the recipe and then download it into Adobe Capture to do intital clean up and then into design space to clean it up the rest of the way. Then I cut the design out in the “mirror” setting using Color Chimp Luxe HTV. I have tried other brands of HTV but have found Color Chimp Luxe works the best! Weeding does take some time but is doable. If you have more questions, let me know. 😊
  2. msmiller59


    Bought these on Amazon. They are “corks” with a string of lights attached! On-off switch on th3 cork!
  3. msmiller59


    First attempt at glass etching! Used stencil vinyl from Craftey!
  4. msmiller59

    Reverse Canvas

    Here are some reverse canvases I did using color chimp Htv!
  5. msmiller59

    Spring Wreath Tea Towel

    Here is a new creation! I used Color Chimp HTV and layered everything!
  6. msmiller59

    Another Recipe towel!

    Finishing up the last of a custom tea towel order!
  7. msmiller59

    Latest project

    Here is my latest creation! Something to go on my sister’s mantle! I used Color Chimp Luxe HTV!
  8. msmiller59

    Holiday tee shirts!

    Here are some holiday tee shirts I made for my grandkids!
  9. msmiller59

    Kids apron

    Made this for my great-nephew using color chimp htv. I bought the pre-made apron at JoAnn’s and added the pocket (cut from an old scrub shirt!)😊
  10. msmiller59

    Wine bottle gift bags!

    Thanks! 320 degrees for about 25 seconds. I have the Easy Press 2. I did have to use a hard surface under them instead of the padded mat for the first press. I also found that I needed to let them cool slightly before removing the clear sheet. Then I repressed them on the mat with a Teflon sheet over them for another 20 seconds.
  11. msmiller59

    Wine bottle gift bags!

    One last item for this weekends craft show!
  12. Thanks, Craftey! I am loving the new sign I made with your free cut file!!
  13. msmiller59

    Craft Show Items

    I love it! It is compact and easy to move. You still have to apply some pressure but not as much as I had to with my regular iron!
  14. msmiller59

    Craft Show Items

    Here is a new item I’m going to be selling at the next craft show I am doing! I used Color Chimp Luxe and my new Easy Press 2 ?!

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