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  1. msmiller59


    Bought these on Amazon. They are “corks” with a string of lights attached! On-off switch on th3 cork!
  2. msmiller59


    First attempt at glass etching! Used stencil vinyl from Craftey!
  3. msmiller59

    Reverse Canvas

    Here are some reverse canvases I did using color chimp Htv!
  4. msmiller59

    Spring Wreath Tea Towel

    Here is a new creation! I used Color Chimp HTV and layered everything!
  5. msmiller59

    Another Recipe towel!

    Finishing up the last of a custom tea towel order!
  6. msmiller59

    Latest project

    Here is my latest creation! Something to go on my sister’s mantle! I used Color Chimp Luxe HTV!
  7. msmiller59

    Holiday tee shirts!

    Here are some holiday tee shirts I made for my grandkids!
  8. msmiller59

    Kids apron

    Made this for my great-nephew using color chimp htv. I bought the pre-made apron at JoAnn’s and added the pocket (cut from an old scrub shirt!)😊
  9. msmiller59

    Wine bottle gift bags!

    Thanks! 320 degrees for about 25 seconds. I have the Easy Press 2. I did have to use a hard surface under them instead of the padded mat for the first press. I also found that I needed to let them cool slightly before removing the clear sheet. Then I repressed them on the mat with a Teflon sheet over them for another 20 seconds.
  10. msmiller59

    Wine bottle gift bags!

    One last item for this weekends craft show!
  11. Thanks, Craftey! I am loving the new sign I made with your free cut file!!
  12. msmiller59

    Craft Show Items

    I love it! It is compact and easy to move. You still have to apply some pressure but not as much as I had to with my regular iron!
  13. msmiller59

    Craft Show Items

    Here is a new item I’m going to be selling at the next craft show I am doing! I used Color Chimp Luxe and my new Easy Press 2 ?!
  14. msmiller59

    Recipe Tea Towel

    There is some hard work involved but here is a tea towel that I made for one of my customers! The recipe is one of her mother’s. She had me make 5 of them so she could give some to her sisters! I made these with Color Chimp Luxe HTV.

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