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  1. KatieG

    Layering HTV

    Hi @Britainie Ault ! One trick I use is to only heat up each layer just enough to get it to stick to the fabric, then apply your next layer. Continue doing this until all your layers are applied, then cover the entire thing with a Teflon sheet or cloth and press it fully. Each time you heat HTV it shrinks a tiny amount, so by only applying enough heat to lightly adhere each layer, you are preserving the HTV as much as possible so that when you do the final, full press, everything shrinks evenly
  2. Download the free svg cut file: Craftey-BossyBrushstrokes-CupOfCheer-FreeSVG.svg *This file is free for personal use only
  3. KatieG

    which Color Chimp?

    Come back and let us know what you think once you try it out @Gretchen McCollum !
  4. KatieG

    which Color Chimp?

    @Gretchen McCollum Yes! The Color Chimp Essentials is perfect for cotton, poly or cotton/poly blend t-shirts! If you're looking for something with a little more stretch or to use on shirts that have an acrylic blend, I'd recommend trying the Color Chimp Luxe
  5. KatieG

    I Am Very Busy Free SVG Cut File

    Download the free svg cut file: Craftey-VeryBusy-Cutfile.svg *This file is free for personal use only
  6. KatieG

    Holiday tee shirts!

    Adorable @msmiller59 šŸ’•
  7. KatieG

    Snow White Free SVG Cut File

    Download the free svg cut file: Craftey-SnowWhat-CutFile.svg *This file is free for personal use only
  8. KatieG

    Chill Out Free SVG Cut File

    Download the free svg cut file: Craftey-Chillout.svg *This file is free for personal use only
  9. KatieG

    Kids apron

    So cute!
  10. KatieG

    Vinyl Storage?

    @Faye Dukes SO good! Great idea to put the wooden rod through it too!
  11. KatieG

    Vinyl Storage?

    Love this idea @LaraR šŸ’•
  12. KatieG

    Wine bottle gift bags!

    Those look awesome! What heat setting did you use to apply the HTV to the burlap? Good luck at your show šŸ˜Š
  13. KatieG

    My version of a Santa Cam

    Great idea! I love the note!
  14. KatieG

    Craftey!! Iā€™m grateful!

    That looks awesome, @msmiller59! Thanks so much for sharing ?
  15. KatieG

    Craft Show Items

    Nice work @msmiller59 ! How do you like your new EasyPress?

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