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  1. Love this I bet it looks great in glitter HTV!
  2. Hi @batey20! If you would like to cut it in two colors to do the knockout design, you will want to select all of the letters/sections that are the same color in the right-hand panel and select "weld" at the bottom. This will keep everything in place and allow you to cut each section out of a different color of material to give you the knockout design
  3. Love this saying! Did you press the HTV onto the canvas before or after you reapplied it to the frame?
  4. @Cyndee We're so happy you're enjoying them! Can you tell we love coffee ☕️ 🤣 Be sure to share a photo of your finished project. We'd love to see what you make using our cut files!
  5. This turned out beautifully, @msmiller59! Great job
  6. Hi @lmollica ! We've got lots of free cut files you can download in our Freebies gallery that are perfect for shirts 😊 I hope you'll share some pics of what you create!
  7. @ksjely Thank you so much for the kind words! We're so happy you found us! I hope you'll share some of your creations with our little community 😊
  8. Hi Amy! Those are all great places to start! I also keep an eye on the sale sections and places like Old Navy and Gap because they often have cute blank shirts on sale 😊 If you're looking for items in Bulk, Bella + Canvas has really great shirts in all colors and styles. I like the Dollar Tree for things like blank mugs, cups, bins, etc... Hope that helps! @trendycrafts
  9. Very cool @msmiller59 !! What are you using to light up the inside?
  10. Love these, @msmiller59! The rolled flowers are so fun!
  11. Wow, @msmiller59 ! This is perfect for spring 😍😍
  12. KatieG

    T shirt making

    Hi @edens ! Yes, either one would work for a one time use. It definitely won't hold up through a wash but it would work well if you just wanted to last through a day (or a birthday party 😊)!
  13. Wow! You must be an expert weeder after that project @msmiller59 ! 😱
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