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  1. I second FB marketplace. Etsy is changing their structure and raising their listing fees ?
  2. I turn mine inside out and never put them in the dryer!
  3. Sooo I missed a spot when I was weeding a design and didn't realize it until I pressed it onto my shirt. Any tips for removing it without ruining the whole thing ????
  4. I think this would be really pretty!
  5. Any tips for centering designs on shirts? I feel like no matter how much I try to line things up before hand, it never ends up centered
  6. Yes, print then cut is what you want to do! I've made lots of planner stickers this way - I love that I can customize them to my classes every semester.
  7. Just picked up a couple of these glitter makeup pouches from the Target dollar section. Any ideas on what I should put on them? I can't decide!
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