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  1. How much will you sell the set for? I love these ?
  2. @Rhiana Honasan Ninal Did you use adhesive vinyl or HTV on the silicone makeup bags?
  3. How do y'all store your vinyl sheets? Flat or rolled? My vinyl stash is getting out of control ?
  4. Thanks for the info @Kay and @CrafteyKate!
  5. What kind of printer does everyone use for print and cut designs? Any recommendations?
  6. @Kenyetta Anew Holmes I would love to make this for my daughter! Where did you get the pattern?
  7. Something like this would be cute!
  8. Wow @Corinne Damaskie, this is great! I might have to try this for my daughter's volleyball team! Did you use a template for the basketball?
  9. I'm thinking about investing in a heat press. Any recommendations? I was looking at the Cricut Easy Press but not sure if it is really big enough or if I'm better off going with a traditional heat press. I am currently just using my iron so I figure anything will be an upgrade TIA
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