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Penny Sandersen

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  1. Penny Sandersen

    DIY: Hello Gorgeous Ring Dish – A Step-by-Step Tutorial

  2. What's the best way to smoothly apply vinyl to a glass or mug? I keep getting air bubbles no matter how much I burnish
  3. Penny Sandersen

    Brag Board

    @Angie Williams-Renfroe Where did you find the crown design? I want to make something like this for my niece's birthday!
  4. Penny Sandersen

    SVG Download for the Stove Top Tote

    Did you make this @Tina M ? Cute idea
  5. Penny Sandersen

    Looking for

    @Val, they have some nice free ones here: https://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/free-paper-piecing-patterns.html
  6. Penny Sandersen

    I could make this work!

    This would be perfect for Vinyl rolls!
  7. Penny Sandersen

    I could make this work!

    I would love this!
  8. Penny Sandersen


    I second that @Ellie Mae - Pinterest has a lot of cute ideas!
  9. Penny Sandersen

    My Dream Workspace

    This is my DREAM workspace! So pretty!

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