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  1. SaraBaker03

    Can I remove HTV?

    If you use your iron and heat up the back of where you messed up, you should be able to peel it up. Good luck ?
  2. SaraBaker03

    Heat Press or Iron?

    I wish I had the room to get a heat press but I am tight on space, so my iron does the job!
  3. SaraBaker03

    DIY Custom Canvas Sneakers

  4. SaraBaker03

    Sign font help

    What the Font is seriously the best!
  5. SaraBaker03

    I'm Here for the Commercials - Free Cut File

  6. SaraBaker03

    My 1st New Toy

    @Kenyetta Anew Holmes this is too cute! Did you use a pattern?
  7. SaraBaker03

    Reverse Weeding

    Smart! I will give this a try next time.
  8. SaraBaker03

    Beginner Tips

    YouTube will be your best friend! I really like Cuttin Corners Vinyl (https://www.cuttincornersvinyl.com/articles.asp?ID=254) and Holli Mostella has some good tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoT41VaOTa7w8kgqTXp-gQw/videos)! Have fun
  9. SaraBaker03


    Haha, @Penny Sandersen - I love the hippo!
  10. SaraBaker03


    Hi All! I'm looking for ideas for onsies for my little boy. There are so many cute girl designs but I'm having a hard time finding things I like for my little guy. Any ideas?

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