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  4. Hi @Swirls and Kurls! We use our Craftey Brand transfer tape! You can find it here: https://craftey.com/collections/tools-equipment/products/clear-ttransfer-tape-with-grids-for-adhesive-vinyl-12-x-5-yards 🤗🤗
  5. Besides the Cricut transfer tape, I can’t seem to find a brand that picks up my vinyl as good as the Cricut brand. The Get Crafty account on Instagram appears to have have great transfer tape but I don’t know the brand. Can you please let me know what brand you use? I would love to hear all of your favs. Thank you in advance. Instagram: swirlsandkurls
  6. Love these 😍 Thanks for sharing!
  7. Here are two of the cards I made using the cute freebie SVG you provided. Many thanks to Lovebird Heartworks and Craftey.
  8. One easy tip is when you're laying out your design before pressing it, grab a little chalk and mark the top, bottom, and sides of where your carrier sheet will need to go. Then prep your garment, pop your design back into place, and BOOM - perfect placement 🤗
  9. KatieG


    Hi @Isabel Vilela! All of our free cut files are for personal use only. Thanks for checking!
  10. Essas imagens podem ser comercializadas?
  11. Love this I bet it looks great in glitter HTV!
  12. I just put this image on a shirt, but I instead of the plaid in fall, I used a white glitter htv on a light orange bella canvas tshirt, and the word vibes in glitter gold. Love how it turned out.
  13. I’m new at crafting and would like to know y’alls favorite places to buy vinyl. 😊
  14. Hi @batey20! If you would like to cut it in two colors to do the knockout design, you will want to select all of the letters/sections that are the same color in the right-hand panel and select "weld" at the bottom. This will keep everything in place and allow you to cut each section out of a different color of material to give you the knockout design
  15. HI! I am new crafter , I have a cricut explore air two and when I downloaded the the latest free svg. I can not do anything with it ?? help? suggestions ?
  16. Love the idea of saving recipes from our loved ones. I have to say the most amazing idea I saw was a woman who blew up her grandma's recipe to cover an entire wall in her kitchen. It was fabulous!
  17. I always do press before I frame. Much easier that way!
  18. Love this saying! Did you press the HTV onto the canvas before or after you reapplied it to the frame?
  19. Here is my latest reverse canvas made with Color Chimp Luxe HTV!
  20. @Cyndee We're so happy you're enjoying them! Can you tell we love coffee ☕️ 🤣 Be sure to share a photo of your finished project. We'd love to see what you make using our cut files!
  21. Hi. I hope to meet a lot of creative people on here and share our crafts with each other. I'd also like for you to subscribe to my blog!


    (copy and paste url in . your browser.)

  22. Thank you for the freebies. I love the coffee ones.
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